Celestial Secrets by Lady Astrelle

I am Astrelle; an experienced intuitive tarot reader, shamanic medium, certified Usui Reiki Master/Crystal healing Master and astrologer with an impressive rating of accuracy. I have been reading the cards for over 14 years. 
     My purpose in life is to help others discover their true selves, and to pass on the messages I receive from the cosmos. My talent is as a naturally gifted medium/channeler; I have had the ability to read auras since childhood. I posses a strong form of Empathy; and I am Clairvoyant in the form of clairsentience with claircognizance, which makes my card readings particularly detailed and accurate relating both to future events, and the emotional state.
      I am in close contact with the higher spiritual planes, and walk the path of a lightworker, eager to share my healing gifts with others.I am the Founder & High Priestess of the "Sisters of the Celestial", and have taught many pupils to read the cards and uncover the secrets of the celestial divine. 

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