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Choose 1 oz (30 ml), 1/2 oz (15 ml) or 10 ml roll-on bottle of my hand-crafted Goddess Inspired Perfume Oil of the Month. Use on body, candles, Altar tools and more- made with organic ingredients and an Apricot seed oil base. Included in the perfume will be some herbs and stones- please contact me before buying if you have any allergy concerns. These fragrances are made to last all day long when worn, and can be used without spoilage up to 2 years. Store in an area that is cool and away from sunlight. 100% organic, vegan, cruelty free.

PICK 1 or Select 2 or 3 as a set- specify additional scent choice(s) in notes to seller or via pm. Travel set consists of one 1/2 oz vial and one roll-on vial pre-filled with your chosen scent.


MARCH - 'CYBELE' - Greek/Phrygian Goddess of Fertility, Spring, Primal Nature.
Inspired by the start of Spring and the Goddess Cybele, this fragrance is floral, flirty and youthful. It holds the essence of real flowers in bloom, and the fragile beauty of nature. This scent has warm notes of Dragon's Blood and Egyptian Musk along with Earthy Patchouli, sweet Honeysuckle and exotic Wisteria, along with lavender; with dried flowers infused right into the final product.

APRIL - 'ISHTAR' - Mesopotamian Goddess of Love, Sex and Power.
Inspired by the Goddess Ishtar and the enticing blooms of Spring, this scent is mysterious, passionate and provocative. 'Ishtar' has an alluring mix of sumptuous vanilla, Honeysuckle and Lilly of the Valley; finished by intriguing notes of Opium and Night Queen. Truly a fragrance suited for a Goddess, It contains dried Rosemary and White Oak bark harvested with love and selected to complement the unique scent of the essential oils I have chosen.

MAY - 'RHIANNON' - Queen of the Faeries in Celtic Lore; Goddess of rebirth, wisdom, magick, transformation, beauty, artistic inspiration and poetry.
Inspired by the fair Fae Queen Rhiannon, this scent is tantalizing, enticing and comforting- with a fresh citrus and slightly floral profile. Like it's namesake, this scent has a delicate beauty and gentle grace- combining warm vanilla, Lilly and fragrant lavender with fresh notes of Rosemary and Tangerine. This scent is completed by the addition of a bouquet of dried herbs including white Sage and dried Wisteria blooms.

JUNE - 'ATHENA' - Greco-Roman Goddess of Wisdom, Divine Intelligence, Strategy and Practicality.
Inspired by the sharp and practical nature of the Goddess Athena, this scent is poignant and memorable. It has deep, earthy notes of Patchouli, Sweet vanilla and exotic rosewood, enhanced and uplifted by energetic notes of grapefruit, bergamot and warm honeysuckle. This inspiring bouquet of fresh, fruity and floral scents is completed with the addition of dried flowers harvested from mother earth- including Calendula and Lavender flower.

JULY - 'BRIGID' - Celtic Triple Goddess of the Forge, Hearth, Flame, Fertility, Marriage and the Bards.
Brigid has been adapted by many cultures as a powerful mother Goddess, and even as a Saint.
Inspired by the strong, fiery nature of the Goddess Brigid, long considered the mighty protectress of all of Ireland, and of hearth, home and heart. Brigid is a scent unlike any other- with musky hints of Cassia flower, and hints of spicy Cinnamon leaf, enhanced by the alluring scent of Sweet Orange, Vanilla and Dragon's Blood. Brigid represents the image of this Celtic Goddess with a bold, passionate and unexpected scent profile. This intoxicating perfume is completed using dried herbs and foliage derived straight from mother nature, including Rosehips, elder flower, Hibiscus, rosemary and crisp red Sandalwood.

AUGUST - 'SEKHMET' - A Solar Goddess of Egyptian culture, who's name means 'powerful one'. She is depicted as a fierce Lioness, a warrior and huntress.
Inspired by the regal nature of the Goddess Sekhmet, this scent is alluring and powerful. It features Egyptian musk, earthy white Sandalwood and Rosewood accented by sweet and seductive hints of Honeysuckle and blood Orange. This perfume is sure to turn heads, wherever you go with it's bold, sensual fragrance. Sekhmet is completed with genuine dried Rose Petals and dried Angelica.

SEPTEMBER - 'CERRIDWEN' - Welsh Mother Goddess, shapeshifter and Underworld Goddess. She rules the realms of fertility, regeneration, inspiration, magic, enchantment and knowledge.
Inspired by the mysticism of the age old Welsh Mother Goddess, this fragrance has an enchanting, floral and citrus scent. Cerridwen is a scent which is timeless and truly unique, featuring Rosemary, Palmarosa and Bergamot. This scent comes alive with the fresh floral notes of Lavender and Lilly, finished by notes of Lemon citrus. Cerridwen is sure to entice the senses, and invoke your inner Goddess. This beautiful fragrance is completed with dried bits of white Sage and Elder flower infused in each bottle.

OCTOBER - 'ARTEMIS' - Greek Goddess of the Forest, Moon and archery. Goddess of hunting, and wild animals, she was also a goddess of childbirth, and protectress of women and children.
Inspired by the grace and serene beauty of the Goddess Artemis, this scent is complex and smooth with a woodsy finish. Artimis invokes the feel of the dark woods after dusk, with prominent notes of Teakwood, Night Queen and Patchouli. This scent is truly intriguing, and fit for a Moon Goddess. It is finished with crisp notes of Apple and Sage, and as always, crafted with high quality essential oils. Genuine dried Mugwort and Rosehips are added to each bottle, completing this unique perfume oil.


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