PREGNANCY or CONCEPTION TTC Highly Detailed Tarot Card Reading -- incl. gender prediction full typed analysis


A highly detailed 8+ card Pregnancy (expecting mother's) reading, OR TTC conception reading for the hopeful mom-to-be. This reading will be conducted using the Tarot deck I intuitively choose for you. This reading will provide predictions about your future child(ren) including possible appearance, personality and gender. Expect your reading in about 5 business days (one week) or sooner.

Please read the 'about' section of my shop to see feedback about my readings. Some excerpts included below.

Digital document delivered via email. Will include photo of the cards.

18 and up ONLY. Reading for entertainment purposes.

---------------------TESTIMONIAL AND FEEDBACK--------------------

Celestial Secrets has over 1200 sales on & has received the highest 5 star rating for feedback. We are so honored by the loyalty and feedback from our beloved clients and friends!


"I got a reading form Astrelle to find out what gender my baby was. It was very detailed and lenghty and contained more information than I expected. I love her style of writing and expression. Needless to say she predicted the gender to be right! I found out weeks later that I was carrying a boy-just like she said. I also have to say that she went against the majority who claimed I was definately carrying a girl. That made me believe she is a credible and trustable psychic. Besides that she provided lots of information on our baby's personality which seemed to be a perfect mirror of who we (me and my husband) are. She also couldnt be more correct on me and my husband when it comes to our personalities. The second reading covered information on our family in general so other children to come and once again I was more than satisfied. Some time ago I contacted another psychic for a short TTc and gender reading and she said exactly the same things as Astrelle regarding the number and gender of the children to come plus a brief description of their personalities. This left me literally speechless and reassured me again of her wonderful, remarkable abilities. On top of that she is just a lovely, caring person. She offered her help and guidance with tarot cards as I said I would start learning to read them so that was just very sweet of her. I highly recommend Astrelle to everyone!

"I just wanted to share with you a bit about the last year for me. It is approaching one year when I had this reading and I got to thinking about your reading the other day, and went back to read over it and see how it has reflected on the past year of my life.

After 3 failed cycles, we were sent to a reproductive endocrinologist. On May 5th, we got the official confirmation from his office that we were pregnant! We found out shortly after that, that we had indeed conceived twins!
...You suggested twins in your reading, and we did conceive twins, though boy and girl twins. Many other things within your reading were very accurate... I hope that your predictions about the personalities of our children is correct. I don't see how it can't be, because you perfectly described myself and my husband's personalities as children. lol

Anyway, best wishes! I just wanted to give you a little update on things! Thank you again!


"Hi! Sorry this is so random and so late of a response. A year after this reading I am now re-reading this and it has been more correct than I could have thought. My baby boy was born at almost 40 weeks on March 6 2014 (you had said you felt the 4,5 or shortly after!) and he has light hair and eyes as suggested by the reading. Him and I also have a very close bond which was something else you mentioned! I just wanted to thank you again.


"I wanted to tell you that I got a fertility reading from you... late last year (october/november or something) and I am overwhelmed at how true and to-the-date everything you said came out perfectly.

Just to recap, you said I would conceive in the early months of this year, which I did, and that the babies due date would be october, which it is, and most importantly it would be a boy which it is! You have no idea how having your reading kept me going throughout this process, and I believe in it whole heartedly.

Thanks so much, this is excellent! TAROT KNOWS!
So many things so spot on ! [The cards] ...feel reallly accurate.
Thanks again, I appreciate this reading so much, and I'll certainly recommend you to others.

"I wanted to show you pics of my Baby Boy --
and you were right (about his gender and zodiac) he is a Gemini.
...I have been thinking about you and wanted to share these details with you... for my pregnancy it helped me out a great deal.
--Diana P."

"What an amazingly awesome reading! Thank you so much! I really like your reading style!

"Hi Astrelle!

Just an update that I DID find out recently that I am pregnant in early May. I'm so excited!!! I conceived in April and found out in May, so the baby is due early January 2015. I [became] pregnant in the time frame you had mentioned in your fertility reading for me a few months back!

"Wow! What a lovely reading! I am ... in awe at such guidance. You are wonderful at explaining the reading! Truly gifted!

"Hello I just wanted to let you know I found out I'm pregnant this morning :) in September just like you said! Due date is may 26 :) You are amazing at what you do!! :) Again thank you so much!!


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I purchased a TTC reading from Astrelle, as I am moving towards the process of conceiving as a single mother (by choice) and thought it would be interesting to see what she could see for me. I wanted to go with IUI (insemination) or IVF. Astrelle gave me amazing insight on what I was already doing (with herbs/vitamins/herbal tea...and I definitely didn't tell her I was doing this). Additionally, she advised that I should go with the less invasive option (IUI) because she sees me conceiving at a specific time. What's funny is, my baseline appointment is the month before the month she said I'd conceive and the plan (via my doctor) was to inseminate me the NEXT month..the one Astrelle predicted...if all is well! She really gave me SO much hope and so much insight to things I didn't even think to ask about. SHE IS THE BEST!!!!

This is my 4th reading from astrelle and she always amazes me, she said girl and today I found out gender and yes! It’s a baby girl!!! She’s the only one for me!! Thank you Lady Astrelle!!!

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